Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lineup changes

Early 2001 was quite an inactive period for the band as a whole, with Omar continuing to compose music and John writing songs for his own solo project. Omar began an online campaign promoting ROOM 1202 on various MP3 sites in an attempt to bring the music to a much larger audience. By late summer, ROOM 1202 had become one of the most downloaded bands in the Victor Valley Area.

Reinvigorated by this, plans were made for new shows and on October 19, 2001, the band reunited performing a show celebrating Omar and John's 10th anniversary in music. Even after a year out of the collective local consciousness, almost 100 close friends and fans that had not forgotten attended the show.

In mid 2001 Omar also began corresponding with 80's electronic music icons Red Flag, who helped ROOM 1202 land a spot opening for them at the world famous Troubadour in Hollywood. This show on December 29, the first in Los Angeles played before an audience that did not know them at all, was an enormous success. Promotional copies of Afterimage were snatched up in seconds and the band received an excellent ovation. It was an outstanding way to close out the year.

2001 also saw the release of two compilations of unreleased demos and live tracks, titled Outtakes and Oddities Volumes I and II, and in 2002, an album of experimental instrumental tracks penned by Omar titled Exit music for the lost and found. These collections were heavily purchased via download and were indeed very popular.

2003 saw the band performing sporadic shows, culminating with the band's debut at the historic Whisky A Go-Go in Hollywood, CA. The success of this show led to another need for change, and the family of ROOM 1202 began to grow. Drummer Aaron Messmer returned to the band to bring some sonic depth, and Robert Modica was added on guitar, adhering to the desire of John to return to his bass playing roots. Tony Trujillo departed and Michael Buchanan was brought in as the new keyboardist.

2004 brought unexpected changes when long time member John Beare decided to leave the group to pursue his own musical ideas. The changes in the band sparked the interest of Anthony Trujillo, and decided to once again re-join the band.

2006 again brought the departure of Micheal. Then as a three piece, ROOM 1202 had big plans to bring the music to the people. Current Plans Include are recordings for a new album, due out 2006 called Movement as well as a recording for a movie soundtrack and its first music video. More shows in larger markets, as well as a sprinkling of local shows will display a new cohesive talent.